A Note From Steve

It did my heart good to see so many of you—and so many neighbors from our community—having fun with friends and family at Summer Fest this past weekend. Many thanks to the hundreds of volunteers and our tireless staff who pulled off an event that will stand as a high-water mark of summer for so many families.


In just five days, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day and I’ll have the privilege of delivering the closing message of our One Big Happy?! series. I’ve been so proud of us as a church, seeing how you are diving headfirst into the deep end as we talk about the real stuff—the “dragon” issues we tend to avoid, the family of origin wounds that affect our relationships today, the challenge of making time for what matters most, and more.


In preparing my Father’s Day message, “Lessons from the Garage,” I’m brought back to my earliest memories of fatherhood.


Holding my newborn daughter for the first time, I was struck by two overwhelming emotions: a depth of love I didn’t know existed, and a weight of responsibility I’d never felt before. Her bright little eyes blinking at me, I wondered, “What will she learn from watching me? What will I teach her—accidentally and intentionally? Am I up for the task?”


Whether you’re a parent to kids of your own or you invest in the lives of other people’s kids, perhaps you can relate to those questions. We hand down all sorts of lessons to our children. By watching the things we do, hearing the things we say, and observing the things that are important to us, our kids are learning.


Join me this weekend as we look at how we can be more intentional about the lessons we’re passing down. What are the big things, little things, and fun things we want our children to learn? We love these kids deeply. Let’s add intentional value to their lives.

With gratitude,

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