A Note From Steve

Willow Friends,

If someone were to create a spiritual map of our church—like one of those mall maps with the red You Are Here dot that tells you where you’re located—where would we spot ourselves as a church these days? Imagine if we were so solid in our spiritual identity that we could readily point to that map and respond, “We are here!”

I’ve had lots of conversations with our staff, leaders, and many of you about the characteristics that best identify us as a church—not just in recent days but over the long haul. The characteristics that continually bubble to the surface are these: serving, worship, prayer, and sharing the message of Christ (evangelism). It’s out of these four characteristics that our new message series, We Are Here, was born.

Serving. Worship. Prayer. Sharing. No doubt some of these characteristics come naturally for you, and others might be more of a stretch. That’s true for me as well. So let’s dive into this new series eager to strengthen the areas where we’re already strong and grow in the areas where we need a little boost.

Will you join me in committing to invest ourselves in these vital characteristics over the next 11 weeks? I’m confident that we’ll be stretched as individuals and strengthened as a church as we grow in these areas together.

With gratitude,

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