A Note From Steve

Willow Friends,

One thing I’ve learned over these past 18 months is this: for fractured relationships to be mended, wrongs need to be owned. Relationships cannot be restored without those who inflicted harm owning the wounds they caused and asking for forgiveness.

In releasing a statement that acknowledges how our church leaders wronged individuals connected to the events that became public in March 2018, I pray that they and their advocates can begin to find healing, that their reputations will be restored, and that each of us will reflect anew on any fractured relationships in our lives—and move toward reconciliation by owning our parts and seeking forgiveness.

Please take time to read the Elders’ letter in its entirety. And may I ask you to pray for every person harmed? Join me in looking inward, seeking personal forgiveness for any ways we acted unkindly or harbored anger, unforgiveness, or judgment toward anyone involved in the heartbreaking events that broke into the light in 2018.

Join me for a special Elder-led worship and reflection service tonight, July 23, at 7 p.m. in the Lakeside Auditorium. We’ll gather to worship, reflect, and pray.

I also ask for your prayers as I, and the leaders of our church, lead Willow into a new chapter rooted in truth and a commitment to open, transparent leadership. May we reflect Christ in everything we do.


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