A Note from Dave


It has been a difficult few weeks. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd shed yet another light on injustices to humanity that we cannot ignore. To our black brothers and sisters: I am so sorry for the trauma you’ve experienced time and time again. There is no place for racism at Willow Creek, and there should be no place for racism in our world. We are facing sin that needs redemption offered by a Savior who lives and breathes through His people–the church.

Every human being has dignity, worth, and immeasurable value and is made in the image of God. And while it is easy for many of us to assume that racism is only demonstrated in these horrific acts—that a racist bone doesn't exist in our bodies—we must follow the way of Jesus who challenged us to deal with the logs in our own eyes before attempting to remove the specks from the eyes of others. In other words, before we assume we have no prejudice, we need to dig in and honestly ask ourselves if we have any unconscious bias, if we hold any prejudiced attitudes, subtle judgements, or justifications. And we must not remain silent. Speak out against racism, get educated, and pursue the much-needed work of reconciliation that we as God's church are called to. (View a list of learning resources here.)

As Albert Tate shared, don’t make people “defend their tears”; rather, lament with them. Mourn with our brothers and sisters during these trying times.

The best is yet to come,

Dave Dummitt

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