Building Community

When Willow Creek North Shore was launched, Darlene Wood and her husband, David, jumped in to serve right away. We asked Darlene a few questions about the impact that 15 years of serving has had on her life.


(Darlene – pictured far right – serving with friends in Promiseland.)


Q :: How did you first start attending Willow Creek North Shore? What were some of your first experiences here?


A :: My husband and I started going to Willow South Barrington when we were first married 27 years ago. A friend told us about Willow Creek and we haven’t looked back since.  We would drive from Lincoln Park to South Barrington every Sunday morning, then go to breakfast at the nearby iHop to discuss what we learned and how we were challenged.When we heard Willow Creek was opening a satellite church on the North Shore, we had, at that point moved, to Libertyville and had twin babies.  We were thrilled (about the new location) and attended the first meeting in South Barrington to launch the new church. And again, we haven’t looked back since. We actually didn’t know anyone else who was coming to North Shore to attend that first meeting.


Q :: How and where did you first start serving at WCNS?


A:: We started serving in Promiseland immediately upon starting at Willow North Shore. Mainly we served out of need and a little bit of guilt dropping off twin two-year-olds each week. Now, fifteen years later, I am still in the two-year-old room as a coach every week at the 9 am service. I also sometimes serve in Student Ministries (Darlene's then twin two-year-olds are now twin seventeen-year-olds!).


Q :: How did your serving role play a part in connecting you to the community you have today?


A :: So many of my best friends in life came out of serving in Promiseland!  Today my small group is made up of 12 ladies and the common connection between all of us is Promiseland.  We have found the best way to connect is through serving and getting involved – it’s about being in connection with the other volunteers.


Q :: What does your community mean to you?


A :: My WCNS community means everything to me!  It goes way beyond the church walls – they are my friends for life, not passing acquaintances.  We are doing life together at all stages.  We are one another’s’ support and cheerleaders. Promiseland is my happy place. It’s not serving or working – it is the opportunity to come and see my friends, meet new friends and help parents get to church in peace knowing their children will be safe and cared for.

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