3 Reasons to Limit Screen Time this Summer

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Anyone else feel like technology is taking over? As the summer months approach, we’re feeling the importance of breaking free from screens and, instead, focusing on device-free activities for our kids. There are lots of benefits to going device-free, but here are three reasons we’re feeling inspired to let go of the iPad this summer. (And if you're interested in learning more about this topic, click here!)
1) Screen time restricts interaction with others. Picture the Sandlot-esque days of summer. Remember it? While it’s not likely your kids will be climbing the neighbor’s fence to recover baseballs from the “beast”, you get the idea. The summer months are the perfect time for friendships to begin, to grow, and to deepen. Kids spending lots of time in front of a screen may miss out on this important (and fun) time with friends. Research has shown that loneliness and isolation could have lasting negative effects, even for children. Teaching kids the importance of building healthy friendships could have a positive effect on their lives for many years to come.
2) Screen time results in less exercise. Picture your kids playing a game on the iPad. Where are they? We picture our kids tucked into the couch or sprawled out on the floor. And while that sounds nice and cozy (anyone ready for a nap?), it also sounds like little-to-no physical activity. Higher levels of exercise are linked with better overall health, including physical benefits (stronger muscles and bones) and emotional benefits (having a better outlook on life). Plus, kids who are physically active sleep better! Getting exercise in the summer months can be so much fun – queue the Sandlot soundtrack – and it’s not bad for parents to get involved, either. 
3) Screen time keeps kids from fully experiencing the beauty of nature. Summer is the perfect time to see God’s creation in full effect, which means more time outdoors is in order. If kids are focused on a screen, they’re missing out on the sights, sounds, and smells of nature! Take a walk outside or visit Lake Michigan. Appreciate the birds, squirrels, flowers, and plants. Let your kids fully experience nature in new ways and ask questions about God’s creation. Being in nature provides so many opportunities to teach your kids about God and the world around us.
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