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An Undivided Heart

Read Ezekiel 11:19–21
“I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. Then they will follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. They will be my people, and I will be their God. But as for those whose hearts are devoted to their vile images and detestable idols, I will bring down on their own heads what they have done, declares the Sovereign Lord.”

  • What does God say the promised undivided heart and new spirit allow us to do? How has God enabled you to follow His ways?
  • What do you think characterizes the “undivided heart” God promises in this passage?
  • When have you felt most fully devoted to God and His purposes? What do you attribute that devotion to? For example, were you engaged in certain practices, relationships, or choices?

Father in heaven, thank You for your promise of an undivided heart and a new spirit. I can see that the more I come to know You, the more my motivations, my desires, and my focus change to things that matter to You. Please don’t stop; continue to transform my heart and work through Your Spirit in me so that I can grow in the joy of obedience. I want to know You more, I can’t imagine being too close. Reveal to me, by Your great goodness and grace, Your presence and Your love. Amen.

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