The Deep End

Hi, Everyone
Remember the first time, when you were a little kid in a pool, that you’d tiptoe from one end of the pool to the other—out of the shallow end into the deep end—where you’d suddenly realize you had officially crossed over into the deep end? For most of us, at that moment, we knew there was no going back. And it took guts to make that move, right? But it was worth it.
Well, courage is contagious. And as we conclude this year’s Celebration of Hope series this weekend, we’ll hear from one of the most courageous leaders you’ll ever meet—Jeremy Courtney, Co-Founder of Preemptive Love, a coalition of peacemakers that serves the most vulnerable people in the world. Jeremy lives and works on the front lines of some of the tensest conflicts in Syria and Iraq. You’ll be inspired toward a fresh overflow of hope by hearing Jeremy’s story.
Then, to send us sprinting across the COH finish line, Teaching Pastor Steve Carter will teach on a passage from God’s Word that few have heard and even fewer understand. But, as one of my favorite mentors used to say, “The Bible is a lion. Turn it loose!” So Steve will loose the lion this weekend in a way that’s sure to shove us into the deep end of growth.
Finally, this weekend, we’ll all have the opportunity to do something behind the scenes that will have front-lines impact. It’s our special COH Offering where we give a special gift to propel our work with our partners in Zambia and El Salvador. We can all play an important role in alleviating poverty, suffering, and injustice. The question is: will we? Let me ask you to take a moment right now to connect with God over how He’s leading you.
See you soon!

Marcus Bieschke

Lead Pastor:: Willow Crystal Lake

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