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Bill's Enews: Kids & Students + Baptism = !!!

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Jericho Dizon’s Spoken Words of Praise

Jericho recognizes the work God is doing in his life, how God was inviting him back into community at Student Impact and encouraging him through writing.

Celebrate Our Kids & Students

This weekend, March 17/18, we continue The Power of Clarity series by celebrating transformed lives through Baptism and sharing the stage with our kids and students.

Celebrate Easter at Willow Creek!

We invite you to join us for Easter at Willow Creek at one of eight locations across Chicagoland! We offer 26 services on March 31 & April 1—and we stream live and on demand on WillowCreek.TV. We can't wait to celebrate with you and your family!

Bill's Enews: More Clarity + Lecrae

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Lecrae this Weekend • Easter at Willow

This weekend, March 10/11, Teaching Pastor Steve Carter continues The Power of Clarity with a message on the deep relevance of Scripture in our lives, and he welcomes Lecrae for an interview. Lecrae is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist who has boldly declared his faith to millions.

Interview with a Certified Financial Planner

Receive free tips from a Certified Financial Planner!

Bill's Enews: The Power of Clarity

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Camp Paradise: A Place of Adventure and Connection

Camp Paradise gives dads and their sons and daughters the opportunity to unplug, connect, and form life-long memories together. Learn more about Dads Camp and register from March 1–8.

The Clarity of the Gospel

Senior Pastor Bill Hybels launched The Power of Clarity with a message on the clarity of the gospel. He explains how all people, even those as righteous as Billy Graham and Mother Teresa, need the atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

A Time for Adventure, A Time to Invest

Reset Day 30

A Renewed Earth

One of the Great Honors of My Life: Time with Billy Graham

I have admired Billy Graham my whole life, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the privilege of meeting him.

Bill's Enews: Dr. Billy Graham

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Reset Day 29

What Counts Is the New Creation

Reset Day 28

A New Song

Reset Day 27

New Compassions

Camp Paradise: A Place of Adventure and Connection

Camp Paradise gives dads and their sons and daughters the opportunity to unplug, connect, and form life-long memories together.

The Power of Clarity

Finding Joy in Financial Freedom: An Interview With Chelsea & Ryan Pribyl

Chelsea and Ryan's story is one of commitment to each other and to finding freedom in trusting God's provision.

Reset Day 26

A White Stone

Reset Day 25

A New Name

Bill's Enews: Glad To Be Back!

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Help build Promiseland!

Join the Promiseland construction team, which serves every Saturday, to build new rooms for our kids and students!

Reset Day 24

Redeemed Bodies

Life Impact, Heart Impact

Willow Creek teen shares stories, community, and Nshima with students in Zambia

What is a DIY degree?

Discover alternative options to traditional college

Reset Day 23

New Bodies

Unsung Heroes: An Interview with Fred and Joe Gonzini

Fred and Joe Gonzini have both been restored by Christ and the church - in more ways than one - and are now carrying out the redeeming work of Christ - in our church and in our world.

Reset Day 22

An Undivided Heart

An Interview with Rachel Cruze & An African American Heritage Celebration

Reset Day 21

A New Heart and a New Spirit

Reset Day 20

One New Humanity

Bill's Enews: 20/20 Rule

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Reset Day 19

Born of the Spirit

Reset Day 18

New Birth

Reset Day 17

Life to the Full

The Way to Great Gain

Learn to develop a framework for finances.

Reset Day 16

A New Life

"Ask Bill"

Senior Pastor Bill Hybels addressed some of the highs and lows that we all encounter in our families ranging from topics on dating, relationships, marriage, parenting, grandparenting, or navigating family complexities during a Q&A segment we are calling "Ask Bill".

Reset Day 15

Put on the New Self

Reset Day 14

A New Creation

Reset Day 13

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Reset Day 12

A New and Living Way

It's time for The Gathering!

A new gathering for young adults

Reset Day 11

I Am Doing a New Thing!

Bill's Enews: Reset: Marriage

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Reset Day 9

A New Teaching


Join Willow Creek for a weekend series called Reset to help you make strides in your life and relationships in 2018. "Each year, I make a conscious choice to reflect on different parts of my life," says Teaching Pastor Steve Carter. "It has become a spiritual practice in which I surrender and ask God to guide me in each area. This January, you have the opportunity to press 'reset.' Commit to joining us—who knows what God might do?"

Work at Willow

We are looking to hire exceptional men and women who are hungry to grow holistically—in their spiritual, relational, and physical lives— and to help our 150+ ministries thrive. With your unique gifts, talents, and passions, where might you be a fantastic fit on our staff team?

Reset Day 10

Some Strange Ideas

Reset Day 8

A New Command

Reset Day 7

Poured Out for You

Relationships: How to make them better

Reset Day 6

A New Covenant

Reset Day 5

A Place Where Righteousness Dwells

Bill's Enews: "Ask Bill"

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Showing Up and Spreading Love: An Interview With Melissa Arista

Despite her hard upbringing and the everyday life obstacles that her family faces, Melissa has been transformed by the power of community and God’s faithfulness. Read her story now!

Reset Day 4

New Heavens and a New Earth

Reset Day 3

All Things New