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The Road to Damascus

Through Christ, There is Still Hope

Elder Nomination: Affirmation Period

The Affirmation Period Begins for Our Nominated Elder Candidates

The Blessing of a Bicycle

The Simplest Act can Make the Biggest Difference

Greed and Generosity

Where Does Our Value Come From?

An Overnight Miracle

Beauty, Mercy, and Undeserved Love Found in Jesus

The Thrill of Hope

Emmanuel—God with us—has come!

Hope for Youth

Loving Our Youth Well

Pride and Humility

Remain Humble; Offer Praise

Honoring Our Veterans

As Humbly as We Can, We Say, "Thank You"

Envy and Fulfillment

Trusting in God’s Timing, Will, and Plan

International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Praying for Our Persecuted Brothers & Sisters Around the Globe

Wrath and Reconciliation

Let’s Be Known By Our Grace

“I felt upset I didn’t do it sooner”

Making Your Faith “Real” Through Baptism

Gluttony and Self-Control

What is Filling the God-Sized Hole in Our Lives?

Honoring Willow First Responders: Enrique

Join Us in Celebrating and Honoring Our First Responders

Honoring Willow First Responders: Jim

Join Us in Celebrating and Honoring Our First Responders

Honoring Willow First Responders: Des

Join Us in Celebrating and Honoring Our First Responders

Honoring Willow First Responders: Jacquie

Join Us in Celebrating and Honoring Our First Responders

Lust and Purity

Do We Have the Courage to Face Some of Our Darkest Secrets?

Lust and Purity Resources

We're Here to Help

Sloth and Diligence

Are We Spending Too Much Time Going After the Wrong Things?

Tasty Tuesdays: Nacatamales

Today, we’ll look at Arlie from South Barrington's family recipe for Nacatamales, a Nicaraguan family experience


We’re More than Our History, Name, or Status

Against All Odds

God’s Word gives example after example of people overcoming obstacles to step into a new future and a new hope. As a church family, it’s time we see that this future and hope is available to us, too; that against all odds, through Jesus, we can rise, persevere, and experience life-changing victory.

Tasty Tuesdays: Arepas

Today, we’ll look at Cesar and Denise from Huntley's recipe for Arepas, a favorite Colombian appetizer

Spiritual Gifts From & For God

Dive Deeper into Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

Welcome to Willow

“I joined the small group not knowing Jesus”

What a Gift to be Met, Right Where You Are

Giant Slayer

Let’s Never Forget Who Our God Is

His Power in Our Weakness

If We Want Real and Lasting Change, then We Need to Involve God in the Conversation

Suicide Prevention Month

The World Needs You

Beliefs and Values

Love God. Love People. Change the World.

"I thought I wasn’t a good enough Christian for a small group"

Courageously Taking That Next Step

No Going Back

Like Nicodemus, are We “All In” with Our Faith?

Worship & Vision Night

Be part of praying, worshipping, and hearing what’s next for Willow Creek.

All Prayed Out

God always hears our prayers, but we may not always like His response

Ride for A Safe Place

A Motorcycle Ride to Serve Those in Our Communities

Change the Channel

Where are we getting our Truth from?

Elder Nomination

Blessing through Backpacks

Serving and Sharing through Willow’s Backpack Drive

Through Him, For Him

Willow’s Community Empower Shower: Serving Those in Greatest Need

Journey to the Water

Every Journey to Baptism is a Fingerprint

Heart of Worship with Joe Freeman

Discovering the heart of worship with Willow's worship leaders


Remembering to praise God through all

Get Rhythm

Taking steps to get on beat with God

Praying for Sandblast

Partner with us in praying for our parents, leaders, volunteers, and students

For You Are With Me

God is the Good Shepherd who is ever-present with His sheep

Backpack Drive

Please join us as we answer God's call in being the hands and feet of Jesus in our communities, and let's set our neighborhood kids up for success this upcoming school year!

Heart of Worship with Eli Moore

Discovering the heart of worship with Willow's worship leaders

Be Still & Know

When we go through the storms of life, where are our eyes focused?

Anger Not Harbored

Do we truly believe in God's amazing grace?

Road Trip Radio

Throughout this series, we’ll explore the power of music by studying different Psalms across a wide variety of situations and themes.

Alive Without Breathing

Throughout this series, Alive Without Breathing, we’ll dig in and explore the purpose and passion behind prayer, and why it’s a resource we should utilize most, not just in desperation.


Small Groups

Gene Appel

Our words have the power to build up or tear down, to give light or fan flames. Join us this weekend as acclaimed writer, pastor, and friend Gene Appel returns to Willow to lead services with a message called "Words of Life."

Daily Devotionals

Sign up and look for them on weekdays at 5 a.m.

Pray Boldly, Trust Courageously

Do we trust God enough to pray the boldest of prayers?

The Long-Awaited Harvest

What if we held onto hope just a little bit longer?

Fatherly Optimism

Honoring Willow Dads this Father’s Day