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July 22: Fireworks and a Cookout

Enjoy one of Chicagoland's largest musical fireworks displays at Willow Creek on July 22!

Special Friends Presents Lion King Jr.

Willow Creek's Special Friends ministry displays the incredible talents of those with disabilities in our church through a moving musical production. Our Special Friends will perform Lion King Jr. during services on July 15/16!

July 1 & 2: David Crowder at Willow Creek

Singer and songwriter, David Crowder leads an extended time of worship at all three services, July 1 & 2. “David Crowder is a long-time friend of Willow,” says Teaching Pastor Steve Carter, “and every time he visits, he electrifies our auditorium with all-out worship of our great God. As you finalize your 4th of July weekend plans, put this weekend’s services in ink!”


A Conversation on Race and Religion

Dr. Michael Emerson Shares Why Christians Must Care about Race and Class

Willow Weekly June 20: A New Series and a World Record!

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

Cultivate: A New Series at Willow Creek

Teaching Pastor Steve Carter kicks off the new series, Cultivate, on June 24/25 and teaches us how we can grow in the fruit of the Spirit.

Not My Burden

It's Never Too Late | A Baptism Story

Emerson watched the weekend message from his hospital bed and realized he, too, had no excuse to not be baptized.

Willow Weekly June 13

A weekly update from Willow Creek Community Church

SpringHill Camp: The Best Week of Summer

Give your kids the best week of their summer at Willow's SpringHill camp, July 10–14 or July 17–21. Sign up today!

Willow Weekly: June 6

A weekly update from Willow Creek

Collide: A Student's Story

Collide, Elevate's summer camp, gives junior high students the opportunity to connect with God and their small groups. Read Abigail's story here!

Watch the Worship Team's Jesus Medley

At the heart of what we do is a love and passion for Jesus. We put together a medley of some of our favorite songs.

Willow Weekly May 30

A weekly update from Willow Creek!

Bills Enews: May 26

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

Maria's Story: Planting Hope

Watch the story of one woman who is reshaping the landscape of a region—and generation!

DadFest: A New World Record

DadFest 2017 was a hit! 972 pairs helped break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the largest game of catch. Way to go!

An Alpha Story: Mike Lo

Watch the story of Mike Lo, a hip-hop artist who's life was transformed through Alpha.

Simple Prayers. Transformed Lives.

A new series at Midweek.

Steadfast and a Special Guest

The new series Steadfast continues this weekend with a message from Teaching Pastor Steve Carter. On Sunday, May 28, Steve will also interview Chris Lee, cast member of the Broadway hit Hamilton.

Bill's Enews: May 19

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

A new building, 450 miles away

This month, volunteers are making their way north to finish the newest building project at Camp Paradise.

Willow Weekly: Are You Steadfast?

A weekly update from Willow Creek!


This weekend, Willow Creek continues the new series Steadfast. "So often people jump from hero to hero, job to job, object to object," says Teaching Pastor Steve Carter. "It' has become easier to move on rather than to fully commit yourself to where God has planted you. We want to call our community to be steadfast."

Hillsong United live at Willow Creek

Join Hillsong United for a night of worship at Willow Creek on June 9.

We Celebrate Moms!

A Weekly Update from Bill Hybels

Learn from Telos: June 3

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict remains a regular story in the news and you may have found yourself asking: "What is going on there? Why is this conflict so hard to solve? Can peace really be made with them?"

40 Days of Invitational Living

Willow Chicago took this past Lenten season to explore what it means to live and invitational life.

Willow Weekly May 9

A weekly update from Willow Creek South Barrington

Give to Celebration of Hope

Discover Next Steps out of COH!

May 5: Bill's Enews

A weekly update from Bill Hybels

The Deep End

Courage is contagious. And as we conclude this year’s Celebration of Hope series this weekend, we’ll hear from one of the most courageous leaders you’ll ever meet—Jeremy Courtney, Co-Founder of Preemptive Love, a coalition of peacemakers that serves the most vulnerable people in the world.

Mother's Day at Willow Creek

Celebrate the important women in your life at a fun, honoring, and inspiring service at Willow Creek Community Church on May 13/14. We’re excited to welcome two special guests: Shauna Niequist, author of Present Over Perfect, and Meredith Andrews, Dove Award-winning songwriter. Gather the women in your life and take this opportunity to celebrate them!

A Place for Kids and Students

Run to Save a Life

Run for refugees on May 6—and help bring hope!

Celebration of Hope

Join us this weekend, May 6/7, as we conclude Celebration of Hope with a message from Gary Haugen, the founder and director of International Justice Mission.

Discovering Peace

In the middle of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, millions of peaceful civilians are being forced to leave their homes in the desperate search for safety. In an attempt to capture and take over towns and villages in the Middle East, hostile terror groups are striking with attacks of every kind.

The Rising Church

TODAY, SOPHANY LOOKS AROUND his beleaguered country and is reminded that the crippling effects of violent conflict, sustained over generations, linger long after the fighting stops.

Discovering a Future

A courageous young woman with a tenacious hope for her future needed someone to come alongside her and help make a way where her community and even her parents believed there was none.

Faith through Children

Pastor Kita looked around his small, struggling village of Kanynjre and dreamed of transformation.

Love Your Enemies

LETTING AN ENEMY off the hook by loving him, blessing him, and praying for him flies directly in the face of our aching human nature. But God, knowing that our humanity might get in the way of our calling, reminds us again and again to love Him and love others—even when loving “others” includes an enemy.

Hope Unleashed

WHEN PASTOR EDDY saw a problem in his community, he put his entrepreneurial mind to work to fix it. In his city of Bayaguana, the third-poorest city in the Dominican Republic, people had no access to clean water.

Perspective Shift

A SIMPLE SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE lifted an entire congregation out of a 20-year rut.

The Power of a Seed Pack

Violence in Chicago

I sat, riveted, in a seventh-floor courtroom at the George Leighton Criminal Courthouse on the South Side of Chicago, a few rows behind two men serving life sentences for murder.

Coming Full Circle

A sheath of snow and ice encases the North Dakota Prairie. In photos captured early this year, teepees and tents and trailers stand atop the snow, full of people who have stayed after a victory by protesters there late last year, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers agreed to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A Little Store with a Big Heart

On the far South Side, 47 miles away from the South Barrington campus of Willow Creek, a large gray building sits across from a sugar factory.

See Everyone, Always

And that’s at the core of my wish as a racial minority. It’s about balance. It’s about wholeness.

Desperate and Detained

Rising Up

Thomas had been joyfully providing pastoral care for more than five years at Dumela High School, set at the foot of a mountain in South Africa. He loved building into the next generation. But then tragedy struck the community.

One Million in One Weekend!

All eight Willow Creek locations set out to achieve an ambitious goal of filling one million seed packs in one weekend from April 28–30.

The Big Story Devotional: Day 30

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God

The Big Story Devotional: Day 29

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God

The Big Story Devotional: Day 28

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God

The Big Story Devotional: Day 27

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God

The Big Story Devotional: Day 26

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God

The Big Story Devotional: Day 25

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God

The Big Story Devotional: Day 24

A Thirty-Day Walk through the Big Story of God