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Let’s challenge ourselves by asking, “Who am I serving, who am I sharing a meal with, and who am I sharing Jesus with?”

Sending Water to Those in Need

The freezing temperatures, snow, and ice that swept Texas left tens of thousands without basic necessities like power and water, hitting those who are under resourced especially hard. While the snow has melted, there is still a tremendous need for clean drinking water—and you can help! 

Their Roles in Our Journeys

Who reached out and shared the story of Jesus with you?

Overflowing from Above

Who are you allowing to fill your cup?

Little Yesses Go A Long Way

Little yesses go a long way. Here are three heart-opening responses that you can tuck away in your dad tool belt and start using with your kid(s) today.

Living Water

Who needs what you have?


As we look forward to where we’re heading as a church, we’ll reignite our innovative spirit to reach people in new ways. We’ll look inside our own hearts and expand our faith to go, to raise up and link arms with other people and with other churches, and to step forward together into what’s NEXT.

The Big Game

What single step can you take?

Welcome back, Willow!

After almost a year, we’re so excited to open our doors in the coming weeks for weekend services and kids and student programs. Check out a location near you to learn more!

Step Forward in Your Finances

What single step can you take?

Elder Selection Update: Candidate Confirmation & 2022 Nominations

Step Forward in Faith

What single step can you take?

Step Forward in Peace

What single step can you take?

A Threat to Justice

Learn more about one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most popular quotes.

Free at last

Learn more about one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most popular quotes.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness

Learn more about one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most popular quotes.

Join—or lead—a small group this February!

Step Forward in Health

What single step can you take?

Elder Selection Update: Candidate Affirmation & 2022 Nominations

Game On

2020 took the wind out of a lot of us, but as we launch a New Year, let’s consider getting off the bench and getting back in the game of our lives! Throughout this five-week series, we’ll take a look at key areas we tend to get stuck—and how the Gospel allows us to experience life-changing transformation. Game On! Are you ready?

An Outdoor Christmas Light Show

2020 Year-End Fund: Homes for Hope

As a church, we have an opportunity to not only help give hope, but to share in that hope as well. As part of our 2020 Year-End Fund, we are partnering with organizations all across our communities to make a greater impact in the areas of affordable and safe housing, job training, as well as moving people experiencing homelessness towards sustainability.

Reflecting back and looking ahead

A churchwide update from our senior pastor

Why care about the prisoner?

Next: A Vision for the Future

Willow was birthed with a dream to be a different kind of church—one that even the greatest cynics would seek. From drums to dramas, we pushed limits on what people knew church to be. Now imagine. Imagine what would happen if we were irrationally generous, unapologetically missional, and inexplicably innovative. This is what we can be. This is next.

Prison Packs: A gift of hope for every inmate

Nominate an Elder

HighRoad Riders: What will God do next?

This summer, the HighRoad Riders ministry took a ride up to Wisconsin, where too much ice cream ended up making a lasting connection.

Shattered by suicide–and finding a place to heal

On the Weekends: GOAT

The greatest of all time. Someone considered to be the best in their field. Each week we'll look at the powerful and unorthodox life of Jesus to see how we can model our lives after someone who wasn't just great, but was the greatest of all time.

Finding Hope for the Long Haul

He was not just living out a prison sentence; he was preparing for what God would ultimately do through his life.

Humility: The Antidote to Pride and Self-Contempt

Work at Willow!

We're building six core teams to provide direction and support to all seven Willow Creek locations—and we need team leaders. Check out our open positions to see if one is right for you!

In-Person Gathering Update

We have anxiously awaited the day when we could fling wide our doors, but as we have studied the situation and prayerfully sought wisdom, we have made the difficult decision to postpone any large, indoor in-person gatherings at our facilities until 2021. Learn more here.

Deeper into Philippians

Thoughts on Joy

I am discovering joy requires a shift in focus, and simply focusing on having more joy might not cut it.

Global Leadership Summit 2020: August 6/7

Your leadership matters...and it matters now more than ever. How are you using it?

A Note from Matt

Saying Goodbye

A scattered church can be a powerful church

While we cannot gather as a large group on campus, we can meet in smaller groups online and in homes, apartments, and even parking lots. We can experience church in a new way—perhaps one that will spread God’s word more powerfully than we could imagine.

Exciting news!

Shawn Williams has joined the Willow staff as the new South Barrington Campus Pastor.

Does asset allocation work during a volatile market?

A Note from Dave

A note from Dave regarding the Paycheck Protection Program.

Mental Health Resources

5 Ways to Know the Difference Between a Useful and Frivolous Purchase

Join us online!

While we can't meet in person, that doesn't mean we are taking a break from church! We offer live-streamed services from all our locations each weekend—and have resources for kids and students as well!

When Father's Day is Hard

A prayer of lament

Express Gratitude for your Dad!

This year, we’re invited to reflect on everything about our dad that is beautiful, true, and good.

Prayer Vigil for Black Lives: Digital Reflection

Real Talk: A Conversation about Racism

A Note from Dave

The Narrow Road

Reflections on Racism in America

Helping Our Kids Name Grief and Gratitude

6 Freelancing Opportunities to Pursue From Home

A Step-by-Step Guide to Gratitude this Mother's Day

When Mother's Day is Hard

Front Row Concert Series

Exciting News!

Investing in a Down Market

Should you invest, or wait? Gain some practical advice for navigating a bear market.

Celebrating Earth Day

Kids and Students