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Blessings from struggles

A weekly update from Steve Gillen

Elevate launches August 18/19!

It all starts with being seen and known!

A Faith That is Fully Alive

Baptism Sunday is a glimpse of what Heaven must be like: a diverse community celebrating faith, pointing everything in their life back to Jesus

Impact launches August 19!

God is on the move in our high school students—just in time for the fall launch!

May God have His way

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

Weekend Update

An update from Steve Gillen

God is with us

A weekly update from Steve Gillen

Statements from Heather Larson, the Willow Creek Elders, and Steve Gillen

August 8, 2018

Refresh: August 16

A night of laughter for women

Tips for Reducing Back to School Spending

Learn how to successfully get your children back to school—and save money while doing it!

Unleashing the power of a story

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

A Summer Lineup of Speakers, Events, and Fun!

Cookouts, pool parties, swinging in the hammock, camps, and vacation—summer is finally here! Plan your calendar around a fantastic lineup of teaching, family events, and classes to help you connect with others and grow in your faith. There’s something for everyone!

Guess who's coming this weekend?

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

A Unique Calling

Special Friends Pastor Paul Von Tobel shares his experience in Special Friends

A Place to Worship Free of Fear

Cornelius & Stephanie Mack, proud parents of a Special Friends adult, share about their experience

Special Friends Devotional | Day 5

Jesus Touched the Man

Special Friends Devotional | Day 4

When Jesus Saw Their Faith

Finding a Place to Belong

Dan and Michele Davy share how their daughter found a place to belong through Special Friends

Special Friends Devotional | Day 3

So That the Works of God Might Be Displayed

Enjoy Mary Poppins Jr. This Weekend!

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

Special Friends Devotional | Day 2

Eat at My Table

Answering the Call

How one teenager found a new connection with her sister with special needs through volunteering

Special Friends Devotional | Day 1

In the Image of God

5 Ways to Spend the Last Days of Summer

Summer is halfway over, and we’re trying to get the most out of every day that’s left.


Nick Benoit on the process of creating

Warm Weather = Outdoor Movie Night!

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

From a Text to a New Setlist

The Story of Delwin Eiland’s Rekindled Passion

Vacations and Your Budget

How much money do you need for your next vacation?

July 14: Outdoor Movie Night

Gather your family and friends to watch The Incredibles on July 14.

3 Ways to Handle Your Anxiety

The next time you feel anxiety, worry, or stress building up, try these three practices.

No Better Time for Ice Cream & David Crowder

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

God’s Work Realized: Seeing the Student Impact Fundraiser Ourselves

A story from a student's trip to Cambodia

Zambia: The Country Filled With Community

A story from a leader's trip to Zambia

Zambia: Unexpected Friendship in Zambia

A story from a student's trip to Zambia

Costa Rica: A Journey in a Country Full of Love, a Q&A with Ashley Vargas

A story from a leader's trip to Costa Rica

Sharon's Story: Music as a refuge, escape, and passion

Willow worship artist Sharon Irving shares how her father influenced her passion and love of music.

Summer at Willow Creek

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

Grace + | Day 20

God of All Grace

Grace + | Day 19

He Cares for You

Grace + | Day 18

God Shows Favor to the Humble

Bring Everybody—It's DadFest Time!

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

Grace + | Day 17

The Chief Shepherd

Grace + | Day 16

Continue to do Good

Grace + | Day 15

Gifted to Love

Grace + | Day 14

Christ Suffered to Bring You Hope

Grace + | Day 13

Reason for Hope

A Special Baptism Weekend

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

3 Reasons to Limit Screen Time this Summer

There are lots of benefits to going device-free, but here are three reasons we’re feeling inspired to let go of the iPad this summer.

Grace + | Day 12

The Gift of Community

Invite a Friend to DadFest!

Share the DadFest event on Facebook—and invite your friends to join you!

Grace + | Day 11

The Gracious Gift of Life

Grace + | Day 10

You Have Returned to the Overseer of Your Soul

DadFest 2018!

Celebrate dad this Father's Day at DadFest, a family-friendly weekend celebration of dads, offering no shortage of activities for all ages! Hear from Ken Davis and NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis during services, then stay after for fireworks, food, inflatables, live music, and more!

Grace + | Day 9

Because Christ Suffered For You

Grace + | Day 8

Show Respect to Everyone

A Volunteer Celebration!

A Weekly Update from Willow Creek

Grace + | Day 7

The People of God

Grace + | Day 6

Rejected by Humans But Chosen by God

Grace + | Day 5

Love One Another Deeply

Grace + | Day 4

Live Out Your Time in Reverent Fear