Worship Pastor – Willow Crystal Lake

The Worship Pastor will support the Lead Pastor, Director of Programming and Production and Willow Crystal Lake’s (WCL) vision achievement by creating and executing powerfully engaging, Christ-centered, Scripture-rich, highly participatory, experiential worship services that direct people into life-changing encounters with God and His people. The Worship Pastor will use attractional ministry to connect, inspire, & fuel the church to go and be the church through incarnational ministry. The Worship Pastor will demonstrate pastoral leadership both on & off the platform as he/she not only leads the congregation to become movement-oriented, lifestyle worshippers but also builds & shepherds volunteer teams.



  • Prepare and execute weekend services through a Spirit-led and prayerful process of brainstorming creative elements, planning, rehearsal, implementation and evaluation
  • Provide developmental oversight to music team volunteers
  • Collaborate weekly with the Lead Pastor and WCL Programming and Production staff to explore ways to best achieve WCL’s vision and strategy
  • Ensure the smooth operation and flow of Programming & Production systems and processes
  • Invest time networking, reading, reflecting and experimenting on ways to shape multisensory, young family worship experiences that maximize participation and utilize fresh styles and elements to best engage the minds, hearts and activism of God’s people and reach today’s unchurched families and postmodern generation
  • Carefully identify, intentionally recruit and diligently develop potential Worship Leader or Worship Pastor apprentices


  • Strong Vocalist and Musician
  • Proficiency on an instrument
  • Technically savvy with working knowledge of technology and gear, and full understanding and ease in operating Ableton
  • Strong Team building and development skills
  • Talented in conflict resolution
  • Biblically literate and Theologically astute
  • Deep grasp of attractional and Incarnational Ministry
  • Prior experience in leading experiential worship
  • Experience in Pastoral Leadership (both on and off the platform)
  • Demonstrated experience in volunteer recruitment and development
  • Enjoys creative brainstorming, experimentation and service building
  • College education and biblical training preferred
  • Spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching, shepherding, creative communication, discernment and/or encouragement


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