Security Assistant - Willow Core Support

At Willow Creek it is essential that we ensure a safe and secure environment for our congregants, volunteers and staff. As the part time Security Assistant you will provide support to the South Barrington campus by serving as the front line eyes and ears while overseeing access at the main entrance and via camera surveillance during the week. 


  • Observe and manage access at the main entrance to personally greet and direct visitors at our South Barrington campus
  • Provide a warm and cordial welcome to those coming in to the main entrance at the South Barrington campus
  • Watch camera surveillance of all South Barrington campus entrances to identify potential risks


Ensuring a safe and welcoming environment at the campus’s main entrance
Identifying any potential risks to the campus/staff/congregation through in person and video surveillance observation



Skills & Competencies

  • Highly observant to identify potential risks
  • Strategic problem solver with the ability to diffuse complex situations

Personal Characteristics

  • Approachable - creates warmth and safety in workplace relationships
  • Discernment - able to identify, respond and diffuse situations before they arise

Education & Experience

  • Familiarity with safety and security matters 
  • Ability to read people and situations 


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