Operations Coordinator - Connections & Serving Ministry

The full time Operations Coordinator manages the operations & communications for the Connections & Serving Ministry in moving our congregation towards greater connection to our church and in their serving roles. In addition, the Operations Coordinator manages large events such as Volunteer Central for church-wide events, and volunteer recruiting and appreciation events.



  • Develop and work through systems that clearly and effectively move the congregation towards serving and connection
  • Manage communications for the ministry in a way that will inspire the congregation to connect including managing the Willow Creek Serving webpage, serving opportunities on the Willow Creek App, and print materials
  • Collaborate with the Connection & Serving team to manage the operations and logistics for serving opportunities at events such as Christmas and Easter, in order to create connection for new volunteers
  • Manage recruiting & appreciation events regularly so that the congregation has an easy connection point to serving opportunities



  • Prior experience in event management and logistics
  • Experience working with volunteers
  • Excellent project management skills, especially with event management
  • Skilled in organizational agility
  • Proven problem solving skills
  • Spiritual gifts of administration and serving


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