Executive Pastor of Ministries

The Executive Pastor of Ministries is a key member of the Executive Team responsible for leading, coaching and mentoring ministry champions, while working with the Executive Team to bring alignment across Willow in the areas of teaching, branding/communication, adult/student/kids programming, financial model, structure and strategy, and global and local outreach with the end goal of being one church in multiple locations.



  • Collaborate in transitioning to a more unified centralized model aligning our structure for maximum growth and impact. 
  • Lead the way in identifying high-level leaders for our central team in each major area of ministry. 
  • Champion the efforts in creating and maintaining a healthy Willow culture and establishing best practices to unify the church as one body  
    • Lead and coach champions who lead ministry areas across all campuses
    • Work with the Ministry Champions to create a shared vision, alignment and collaboration with all campus teams
    • Build strong channels of communication, with a focus on spiritual formation
  • Assure all ministries are in line with WCCC mission, church identity, core values and are designed to achieve assigned ministry outcomes
  • Collaborate with the Executive Team Members to develop Willow strategic direction and assure execution
    • Work with existing leaders to help shift from a siloed model to an aligned model
    • Assist in developing and implementing Church-wide strategic direction
    • Develop a strategic process to understand where we are currently, where Willow needs to go and develop a vision and strategy for how to get there
    • Ensure a spirit of “bridge building” and cooperation exists relative to other local churches, organizations, and civic leaders
  • Provide ongoing support and direction for all ministry budgets


  • 4 year college degree with emphasis on business/organizational leadership and biblical literacy required
  • Experience on staff in an executive leadership level for 5+ years at a multi-site church of 5,000+
  • Proven emphasis in strategy, vision casting and organizational development
  • Prior experience leading in a matrix type structure
  • Extensive leadership, coaching, and management experience
  • Excellent communicator
  • High relational IQ and skilled in change management
  • Skilled or experienced in many different ministries
  • Spiritual gifts of Leadership, Administration, Knowledge, Wisdom, Discernment, Shepherding, Faith, and/or Creative Communication


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