Production Technical Director – Willow South Lake


The Technical Director (TD) is the primary owner and operator of all technical systems in the auditorium.  The TD is responsible for creating a distraction free environment that engages and inspires people to pursue a relationship with God. The major aspects of this position are: systems, weekend production planning and execution, volunteer care, and creation of content.



  • Enable execution for all events and services including planning for sound, staging, lighting, video and on weekends make sure cues are called, and everything is technically executed properly
  • Maintain and plan upgrades for all systems, first in the auditorium and also assist in the rest of the building as well as it pertains to events
  • Recruit, train, shepherd and develop volunteers to manage technical needs as is necessary
  • Act as an integral part of the content creation process by working closely with the producer to determine weekend needs and engage in creating content
  • Network with counter parts at all Willow campuses to ensure having the most current information and excellent resources


  • Good administrative skills with strong detail orientation
  • All major systems knowledge:  Video systems (iMAG), Audio, Lighting, CG, Video editing software, stage design/setup, etc.
  • Technical learning aptitude – the ability to actively seek out new technologies, learn them quickly, and teach them to others
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both in technical and non-technical environments
  • Prior experience in production in a church or secular environment
  • Experience working with volunteers
  • Education in a technical field
  • Spiritual gifts of shepherding, administration, discernment and/or creative communication



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