The Flimmaker/Editor is responsible for all aspects of filmmaking from pre to post production. He/she will develop ideas for projects, create/shoot new video footage, research and acquire existing video as well as executing the editing process.


  • Perform all aspects of visual storytelling from pre-production (including assembling gear list, lighting, gripping, gaffing, camera and gear prep, striking sets, equipment maintenance, etc) to filming on location in conjunction with creative directors, producers and freelance crew members/volunteers
  • Travel on the annual global filming trip to a developing country
  • Determine the most dramatic and impactful approach to a project and work with producers and directors to edit footage for compelling storytelling. Prepare source media for edit and add music dialogue/sound effects to film
  • Master final video projects and participate in video checks with the technical team
  • Improve workflow, maintain equipment and studio, develop skills and stay current with industry practices


  • Demonstrated skill in creativity, process management, problem solving and priority setting
  • Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Fluent in each step of the cinematic process (lighting, lens selection, shot composition, montage, directing talent)
  • Knowledge of C300/500
  • Experience working in video production/editing/storytelling and different video formats such as music video, documentaries & narrative
  • Knowledge of sound design
  • A college or secondary school degree in Television/Video preferred
  • Spiritual gifts of discernment, exhortation and/or creative communication
  • Must be able to lift at up to 50 lbs. and be on your feet for long stretches of time, climb ladders, operate lifts and move heavy equipment


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