Feature Writer - Marketing Communications


The Marketing & Communications Feature Writer identifies stories of inspiration and transformation within the Willow Creek community by meeting with the individuals involved to hear those stories and then writes about them in an inspiring way. The writer is responsible for pursuing leads, both through the Willow Creek staff and through their own contacts, so that the stories they capture cover the broad spectrum of ministries, people groups, and events at our church. The writer is responsible for creating a catalog of stories and related photos; tagging them for easy identification; verifying all quotes and sources; and working with MarCom and executive leaders to recommend a flow of delivery for stories throughout the calendar year. The writer also writes content for the Willow Weekly e-newsletter—and other projects as needed for the MarCom team.


  • Find an capture 50+ stories per year; meeting with people for interviews, obtaining photos for social media, and securing release forms
  • Writing stories; work with the ministries associated with each story to determine direction and purpose of the story, oversee the editing process, verify facts/quotes, and adapt fully developed stories to fit various other formats (blog, short form, social posts, video scripts, etc)
  • Assist with other writing needs on the Marcom team, including a weekly e-newsletter
  • Create and maintain an organized catalog of stories, and assist the team in determining which stories to tell at what times


  • 3-5 years’ experience in writing feature stories, blogs, articles, video scripts or other short form writing styles
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent job experience
  • Excellent interviewing skills, including the ability to pastor interviewees as they share difficult stories.
  • Excellent feature-writing skills, aligned with Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition (University of Chicago, 2017), Christian Writers Manual of Style, 4th Edition (Zondervan, 2016), and the Willow Creek Style Guide.
  • Ability to clearly communicate in both long form and short form
  • Strong interpersonal skills (listening; asking questions; establishing connection and safety; partnering with other departments)
  • Ability to interview people with compassion, pastoring them as they entrust us with their sensitive stories
  • Curiosity and vision for identifying stories and themes
  • Competency with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
  • Organizational skills to create systems and structures for cataloging stories and photos
  • Ability to take iPhone photos of interviewees preferred.
  • Spiritual gifts of administration, wisdom, faith, evangelism, creative communication and/or craftsmanship
  • Must be able to lift at up to 50 lbs. and be on your feet for long stretches of time


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