In seeking racial reconciliation, we begin to understand each other through dialogue and relationships. 

What is Mosaic?

A mosaic is an image made from the assemblage of small–often broken–pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. Their different colors work together to form a new, beautiful picture. A mosaic happens in community when we experience reconciliation with God and with others who are different from us. Together we form a beautiful, multicolored image.

Willow Creek is a place where people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds are embraced, find a place of belonging, and can unleash their unique contributions toward bringing the hope of Christ to our church, community, and world.

In seeking racial reconciliation, we begin to understand each other through real conversations and authentic relationships. We recognize the devastating consequences of structural inequality in our society, and can become advocates for justice.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

-- 2 Cor. 5:17 NIV

Take your learning to the next level through Mosaic Workshops:

"Race and the Church" with Dr. Michael Emerson 

Dr. Michael Emerson joined Willow South Barrington on Wednesday, June 14, to talk about “Race and the Church.” Dr. Emerson, a leading scholar on race and co-author of “Divided By Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America,” 

As some of you may know, “Divided By Faith” has been largely responsible for catalyzing Willow’s second conversion around race. Dr. Emerson will talk about his landmark book, what’s changed and what we've learned about race and the church since it was first published. He also will answer questions about race, race and Christianity, race and representation, race and leadership, race and current events and all things having to do with racial reconciliation and racial justice. That last Q & A part is where we’d love your help.

Click here to read a blog post about Dr. Emerson's talk, and click here to listen to the full MP3 recording and here to download the presentation notes..

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You want to commit to racial reconciliation, but practically, how is it done?

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