Willow Creek's Elders

Willow Creek's Elders are nominated by the congregation and serve according to the role of an Elder laid out in Scripture. To learn about the characteristics, skills, commitment, and duties of an Elder, read Willow's Elder qualifications.

Current Elder Board:

Shoji Boldt

Shoji has attended Willow Creek South Barrington for 20 years, serving in both local and global Compassion and Justice ministries. She has also served in Sections, neighborhood communities, marriage, parenting, small groups, discipleship, and evangelism ministries. Her spiritual gifts include wisdom, mercy, and faith.


Barb Butz

Barb has attended Willow Creek for more than30 years and began attending Willow North Shore in 2017. She currently serves with Safe Families and the Prison Ministry, and previously served with human trafficking, global hospitality, neighborhood tables, global serving teams, Promiseland, marriage, Moms through Adoption, and the infertility support group. Her spiritual gifts include wisdom and discernment.


Greg Carlson

Greg is currently the Associate Dean for Leadership Studies and Professor of Leadership at Trinity International University. He and his wife, Donna, have attended the South Barrington campus for many years and have served in various roles in their section and as small group leaders.







Jeff Choh

Jeff has attended Willow North Shore for 11 years, serving on the prayer team, leading a men’s small group, and as an advisor to the Leadership Advisory Council. His spiritual gifts include teaching, mercy, and intercession.




Silvia Escobar

Silvia has attended Willow Creek for 18 years, serving as a family pastor and teacher at Casa de Luz and on the Casa de Luz Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) and Latin America Global boards. Her spiritual gifts include teaching, wisdom, leadership, and faith.




Jeff Mason

Jeff has attended Willow Creek South Barrington for 27 years, serving in Promiseland in the Age 4/Pre-K room. His spiritual gifts include discernment, wisdom, and leadership.




Michael Roth

Michael has attended Willow North Shore for 12 years, serving as a small group leader, prison pen pal, volunteer Baptism coordinator, men’s breakfast speaker, and on the Discipleship board teaching weekly classes. His spiritual gifts include wisdom, teaching, and giving.



Mary Square

Mary has attended Willow Creek South Barrington for 10 years, serving in Student Impact, Alpha, Baptism, Evangelism, and the Prison Ministry. Her spiritual gifts include wisdom, faith, and discernment.