Bill and the History of Willow Creek Association

Bill Hybels launched Willow Creek Association (WCA) in 1992. Today, WCA is committed to the singular idea that inspired, encouraged, and equipped Christians transform their communities. The men and women WCA serves are not just full-time ministry staff, but leaders and influencers in all sectors of society committed to pursuing their God-inspired grander visions.

WCA’s mission, led by President Tom De Vries, is to create world-class leadership development tools and services to energize Christians and mobilize churches globally. The Global Leadership Summit, WCA’s signature event, impacts more than 400,000 leaders in 128 countries annually.

“I have the privilege of meeting with local pastors and leaders who are leading in some of the most challenging parts of our broken world,” Bill says. “It gives me great joy to coach, encourage, and mentor them through WCA and the Summit, as they bring the hope of Christ and do the work of God in their local communities.”

As Bill looks ahead to October 2018, when he steps down from his role as senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, he looks forward to expanding his work with WCA. “I have increased energy around investing more time encouraging and equipping pastors and leaders around the world,” Bill says. “I truly believe the local church, when it’s working right, is the hope of the world.”