Willow Creek's Elders

Willow Creek's Elders are nominated by the congregation and serve according to the role of an Elder laid out in Scripture. To learn about the characteristics, skills, commitment, and duties of an Elder, read Willow's Elder qualifications.

Click here to learn about the 2019 Elder Board candidates and the selection process. The 30-day affirmation period has ended and an update will be provided during services on January 12/13. The Elders listed below will be replaced by the 2019 Elder Board.

Dave Leali

David has been a part of Willow Creek for almost 30 years and began attending through the high school ministry. David and his wife, Deonna, live in Crystal Lake with their two children, Grace and Nathan.  David has worked in corporate finance for the past 21 years and has served in the Stewardship Ministries at both South Barrington and Crystal Lake leading multiple classes on the principles of biblical financial stewardship. His spiritual gifts include leadership and wisdom.


Harold Engelmann

Harold has attended Willow Creek since 1989. He and his wife, Pamela, have 3 children, Caleb, Bode, and Editha, and live in Deer Park. Harold has been an IT professional at a global commercial insurance company for the last 19 years. Harold has served as a small group leader for Primetime, a small group leader/team director/house group leader/host family for Student Impact, and small group leader for Elevate.  His spiritual gifts include leadership, teaching, and discernment.


Paul Rigby

 Paul has been a part of Willow Creek North Shore since its beginning in 2004. Paul and his wife, Carol, have three adult children and seven grandchildren and live in Glenview.

He is a retired finance and banking executive who serves on a number of for-profit and nonprofit boards.

Paul's ministry experience includes: member of Willow North Shore's Leadership Advisory Council, member of Willow Creek's Audit Committee, men's small-group leader, Promiseland volunteer, cancer support volunteer, prayer team volunteer, Foundations Bible class volunteer, and volunteer with the Safe Families ministry. Paul's gifts are leadership, wisdom, and administration.


Warren Habib 

Warren has attended Willow Creek since 1981. He and his wife, Lindsay, live in North Barrington with their three children, Alee, Blake and Jacob. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master degree in business administration. Warren is an executive with a major real estate services company and serves on the board of a non-profit social services organization that serves children in need. Warren has served in Willow’s young adult ministry, and led several small groups for many years. His spiritual gifts include leadership, wisdom, and discernment.


Lane Moyer


Lane and his wife, Patty, have been attending Willow since 1988 and live in Deer Park with their two children, Christopher and Megan.

Lane earned both a law degree and MBA and currently works as a corporate legal partner at a firm in Chicago. Lane has served in a number of ministries at Willow including Promiseland, Elevate, and basketball sports ministry and has led a men’s small group for 22 years. Lane has served on numerous Boards of Directors, including the Orphan Network, Young Executives Club, and the Harper College Foundation Board.

Lane’s spiritual gifts include leadership, administration and discernment.



Verlyn Suderman

Verlyn has attended Willow Creek since 1979, when he was in junior high school. He has previously served on Willow's Elder Board, as well as in its music, sports, conciliation, and small group ministries. His spiritual gifts include wisdom, administration, and teaching.

Verlyn works as a lawyer advising transportation and logistics companies, and he and his wife, Julie, live in Palatine with their children Libby, Aaron, and Samantha.