A Justice Journey

We're all on a path of learning about the injustices in our world and how God can use us to bring change.

In an effort to help equip all our staff to better engage justice and racism from a biblical perspective, Willow Creek staff are participating in World Vision's May We Be One year-long conference led by experts in the field—Dr. Soong Chan Rah, Dr. Efrem Smith, and Rev. Sandra Maria Van Opstal. We ask that you pray for us over this next year as we learn to better discern and represent the heart of Jesus.

While many are newer to the conversation around race and justice, others within our church congregation and leadership have been on an individual journey with God on this topic for quite some time. What we are finding is that this journey is a long road of personal awakening, disorientation, education, and action. If you are newer to this conversation, you may be feeling some of that disorientation or confusion. This is common. You are not alone.

Below you will find a list of resources that individuals on our staff have found helpful in this journey. These resources represent a wide range of perspectives on the topic of justice from spiritual to historical, social, and political. Our priority as a church is always to discern and follow the way of Jesus. We share the resources below not as an endorsement for every idea contained within, but to help those on the journey better understand the scriptural, historical, social, and political perspectives at play to equip us to make responsible choices as Christ-followers in this time and place, yet as citizens of God's kingdom.

We encourage you to take in these resources with discerning eyes and ears, always asking for God's Spirit to guide, reveal, challenge, and draw us closer to Him, transforming us to His likeness. It is also helpful to read and process them in a group or with a friend.


Resources for Individuals and Groups


*Resources as part of the May We Be One curriculum

Online Resources

Bible Reading Plans from YouVersion


Resources for Parents

Online Resources

Books for Children

Books for Middle Schoolers

Books for High Schoolers