First Time Guests

We want your first visit to the Care Center to be a positive experience for you and your family. Learn about what to expect during your first visit and what to bring with you to help us best serve you.

Welcome to the Care Center!

We would love for you and your family to come to the Care Center and want to make your first visit a great and helpful experience.

• To help us best serve you, please bring the following documents along with you:

-  A photo ID

-  Proof of address current within 30 days (such as a utility bill, mortgage or bank statement, piece of mail, etc.)

-  Proof of income (such as a pay stub, bank statement, tax statement)

• When you first enter the Care Center, you will be greeted by a friendly volunteer who will ask how we can help you. You will be given a pager device that will vibrate and light up when a volunteer is available to talk more with you and take down some of your basic information.


Kid's Zone

• If you have children, a volunteer can show you where the Kids Zone is located; Kids Zone is a child-friendly space where your children 9 years and under can play while you’re at the Care Center.


Care Team
• We recommend first time visitors to the Care Center to meet with the Care Team. The Care Team is a group of specially trained volunteers who will listen to your story, identify your needs and offer next steps to help you toward a better path. The Care Team can connect you to resources at the Care Center and Willow Creek Community church, as well as refer you to other organizations with services that meet your needs. Ask a volunteer if you'd like to meet with the Care Team.


The Care Center offers services and programs designed to meet needs in our community. However, due to the presence of minors on our premises, we are not able to accommodate individuals on the sex offender registry. If it would serve you to set up a meeting with a member of our Pastoral Team so we can hear your story and provide you with some resources that could be helpful in addressing some of your needs in this season, please call our Pastoral Phone Line at 224-512-1255.