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Life Impact, Heart Impact

Willow Creek teen shares stories, community, and Nshima with students in Zambia

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Learn about the impact of a global serving trip!

An Unplugged Serving Trip

For one week this summer, sixteen high school students traveled to El Salvador to build both homes and relationships with the people of Caña Brava. Watch their journey here.

Maria's Story: Planting Hope

Watch the story of one woman who is reshaping the landscape of a region—and generation!

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict remains a regular story in the news and you may have found yourself asking: "What is going on there? Why is this conflict so hard to solve? Can peace really be made with them?"

TODAY, SOPHANY LOOKS AROUND his beleaguered country and is reminded that the crippling effects of violent conflict, sustained over generations, linger long after the fighting stops.

In the middle of the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, millions of peaceful civilians are being forced to leave their homes in the desperate search for safety. In an attempt to capture and take over towns and villages in the Middle East, hostile terror groups are striking with attacks of every kind.

A courageous young woman with a tenacious hope for her future needed someone to come alongside her and help make a way where her community and even her parents believed there was none.

Pastor Kita looked around his small, struggling village of Kanynjre and dreamed of transformation.

WHEN PASTOR EDDY saw a problem in his community, he put his entrepreneurial mind to work to fix it. In his city of Bayaguana, the third-poorest city in the Dominican Republic, people had no access to clean water.

LETTING AN ENEMY off the hook by loving him, blessing him, and praying for him flies directly in the face of our aching human nature. But God, knowing that our humanity might get in the way of our calling, reminds us again and again to love Him and love others—even when loving “others” includes an enemy.

A SIMPLE SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE lifted an entire congregation out of a 20-year rut.

Thomas had been joyfully providing pastoral care for more than five years at Dumela High School, set at the foot of a mountain in South Africa. He loved building into the next generation. But then tragedy struck the community.

Combatting Disadvantage in South Africa

The gift of a book to a young student is the gift of hope.


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