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God's Love: Day 7

God Lives and Breathes in You

God's Love: Day 6

God's Marvelous Love

God's Love: Day 5

He Gave His Son

God's Love: Day 4

Don't Be Afraid...You're Mine

God's Love: Day 3

The Extravagant Dimensions of Christ's Love

God's Love: Day 2

His Love Never Quits

God's Love: Day 1

First We Were Loved

Special Friends Devotional | Day 5

Jesus Touched the Man

Special Friends Devotional | Day 4

When Jesus Saw Their Faith

Special Friends Devotional | Day 3

So That the Works of God Might Be Displayed

Special Friends Devotional | Day 2

Eat at My Table

Special Friends Devotional | Day 1

In the Image of God

Grace + | Day 20

God of All Grace

Grace + | Day 19

He Cares for You

Grace + | Day 18

God Shows Favor to the Humble

Grace + | Day 17

The Chief Shepherd

Grace + | Day 16

Continue to do Good

Grace + | Day 15

Gifted to Love

Grace + | Day 14

Christ Suffered to Bring You Hope

Grace + | Day 13

Reason for Hope

Grace + | Day 12

The Gift of Community

Grace + | Day 11

The Gracious Gift of Life

Grace + | Day 10

You Have Returned to the Overseer of Your Soul

Grace + | Day 9

Because Christ Suffered For You

Grace + | Day 8

Show Respect to Everyone

Grace + | Day 7

The People of God

Grace + | Day 6

Rejected by Humans But Chosen by God

Grace + | Day 5

Love One Another Deeply

Grace + | Day 4

Live Out Your Time in Reverent Fear

Grace + | Day 3

Set Your Hope and Be Set Apart

Grace + | Day 2

The Grace That Has Come

Grace + | Day 1

New Life in Christ

Jesus Devotional: Day 5

Jesus Is the Head of the Church

Jesus Devotional: Day 4

In Jesus All Things Hold Together

Jesus Devotional: Day 3

All Things Have Been Created Through Jesus and For Jesus

Jesus Devotional: Day 2

In Jesus All Things Were Created

Jesus Devotional: Day 1

Jesus is the image of the invisible God

Celebration of Hope: Day 15

Our Hope Is in the Lord

Celebration of Hope: Day 14

Let Us Not Become Weary

Celebration of Hope: Day 13

Do Not Withhold Good

Celebration of Hope: Day 12

Kind to the Needy

Celebration of Hope: Day 11

I Was...And You

Celebration of Hope: Day 10

He Fills The Hungry

Celebration of Hope: Day 9


Celebration of Hope: Day 8

You Will Be Satisfied

Celebration of Hope: Day 7

Bread of Life

Celebration of Hope: Day 6


Celebration of Hope: Day 5

I Thirst For You

Celebration of Hope: Day 4

Clean Water

Celebration of Hope: Day 3

Quiet Waters

Celebration of Hope: Day 2

Living Water

Celebration of Hope: Day 1


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A Renewed Earth

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What Counts Is the New Creation

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A New Song

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New Compassions

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A White Stone

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A New Name

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Redeemed Bodies

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New Bodies