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Willow Worship opens the 2017 Global Leadership Summit

Willow South Barrington is proud to host the Global Leadership Summit! The Willow Worship team opened the Summit with this song, calling the brave to rise up and champion change!

Willow Creative: A Special Collaboration

Creative Director Jenny Potter reflects on the power of Special Friends' Weekend


The lesson: Oftentimes the best are always practicing.


An acceptance of Jesus' invitation to come.


What is your process for taking an idea all the way through to a finished product? There’s no simple answer, no magic bullet, no one solution that works one-hundred percent of the time.

Awe and Wonder

A video to inspire awe and wonder

Awe and Wonder

A Willow Creative video to inspire.

Nothing Into Something

How to create something from nothing

The Jesus Medley

The Willow Worship team put together some of their favorite songs about Jesus.


A story about living in the moment in the midst of the hurry.