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A Whole Different Sound

What would it look like if we chose to live counter to the social norms and we went out of our way to live mercy as Jesus did?
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The “Be Attitudes”

Kingdom values require vulnerability which feels like weakness but actually requires strength and courage.
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We’re Not Alone

Sometimes, extending mercy takes practice. On our own, giving mercy is impossible to do. The beauty is we don’t have to do it alone
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The Arms of Mercy

Our God is a loving and merciful Father. There is no offense too great for Jesus to cover. In his rich mercy, He will always swoop us up and hold us away from the punishment–seeking accuser.
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The Source of Mercy

Mercy is not contingent upon our goodness or lack thereof. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).
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No Justice, No Peace

As God’s people on earth today, God also calls us to seek shalom in the world today, to strive for and create a flourishing society.
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Pray and Don’t Give Up

When Jesus told the parable of the persistent widow, He was reminding us to always pray and never give up. Even when we get discouraged. Even when people are telling us there is no way. Even when we...
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Seek Ye First

If we want to pursue justice, we must first, and always, start by seeking God’s Kingdom. If we desire righteousness, a word inextricably connected to the word justice in the Old Testament, we must...
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Outrage to Outreach

When we look at the world around us and see the problems, injustice, brokenness, dysfunction, and evil, it is easy to get outraged or jump to judgment. We have a God-engrained desire for justice—we...