Group Guide: Prophecy

Liz Schauer | July 7, 2024

Scripture Reference


Open in Prayer

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Message Recap

People may have heard it said many times, “Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.” But as familiar as we might be with this saying, so many people still relate to God on a religious basis. Religion is where I do good things and refrain from bad things in order to get from God what I want to get from Him. This is what the Israelites were doing in the days of Hosea: they were doing the religious things (like sacrifices and offerings) but they were not living in relationship with their God, as was evidenced by their idolatry and immorality and treatment of the poor.   
In this message we heard how to identify the symptoms of religion and move toward a love-based relationship with God in Jesus.  This is what God wants: a real relationship.  Today, we surrender our lives to the one true prophet, Jesus. As we seek to do so, we endeavor to live in the balance of right belief and action. As we embody the calling of the prophets (right belief and action), how do our lives need to adjust?

Discussion Questions

What do you think was the purpose behind Isaiah’s three years of public nudity? How effective do you think this method would be today in conveying a message from God?

In what ways does Ezekiel’s extended period of lying on his side symbolize God’s judgment on Israel? How might such actions resonate with people today?

How does Hosea’s marriage to Gomer illustrate God’s commitment to His people, even when they are unfaithful? What parallels can you draw between Hosea’s relationship with Gomer and God’s relationship with Israel?

What lessons can we learn from the prophets about the dangers of religious rituals and legalism without true relationship with God? How might this apply to modern-day Christianity?

How can we distinguish between practicing religion as a set of rules and rituals versus living in a genuine, love-based relationship with God? What are the signs that we might be slipping into religious practices without genuine heart transformation?

Reflect on the radical love and pursuit of God as portrayed through the prophets. How does God’s pursuit of His people challenge our understanding of grace and forgiveness?

Live it out

Share with your group one area where you need God’s wisdom to guide you.  Commit to praying for each other each day next week to receive that wisdom.  Remember, “all you have to do is ask for it!” 

Don’t stop now! And, if you haven’t started yet, there is still time!  Join us as we read through the New Testament together as a church community.  You can engage with the daily reading plan found in the Willow App.  Once you’re reading along, don’t forget to share in the app what stands out to you.  Let’s learn together.

Close in Prayer

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