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Child and Teen Grief Support

Helping kids and teens navigate grief and loss

Child and Teen Grief Support is a support ministry for kids and teens (kindergarten through high school) who are grieving the death of a parent, sibling, close relative, or friend. Recognizing that each person’s grief experience is unique and that kids tend to grieve differently than adults, Grief Support is designed to provide a safe place to find encouragement and learn skills to help them navigate the challenges and uncertainties that come with experiencing the death of a loved one.

What happens in Child and Teen Grief Support?

Child and Teen Grief Support utilizes games, drama, art, journaling, storytelling, and imagination to help those in middle school and high school learn the concepts of grief, recognize and understand the changes they have experienced and their own feelings about the death of their loved one, explore healthy ways to cope with those feelings, and ultimately begin the journey of healing from their loss.

Kids and teenagers meet in groups with empathic leaders and others their age who are experiencing similar losses, to engage in meaningful small group discussions and to experience God’s love in a supportive environment.

To ensure a safe and secure environment for your child, all staff and volunteers undergo careful screening and training, and stringent security identification and check-in/check-out systems are utilized without exception.

When is Teen Grief Support?

Child & Teen Grief Support runs for nine-weeks with three offering available annually. It occurs from 7 p.m.–9 p.m. on Wednesday nights. Kids and teens can begin attending anytime during the first four weeks of a session. Please see the right hand side of this page for current session dates and registration. Drop-off for group begins at 6:45 p.m.

May I volunteer?

Yes! Child and Teen Grief Support volunteers have one thing in common: a commitment to help children and families who are experiencing the pain and transition that comes with the death of a loved one. Volunteering in Child and Teen Grief Support gives you an opportunity to make a significant contribution to helping kids and teenagers heal and grow.

No need to be an expert—we'll train you to be successful in supporting kids and teens. And we have plenty of opportunities for people with a variety of gifts and talents. If you have a heart for kids and teens and can offer consistency, love, and attention, we have a place for you.


Kirsten Hitchcock
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