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Midweek Workshops and Classes


eeding your soul
through midweek electives

Everyone is on a journey. Through these journeys, we learn more about our relationship with God, ourselves, and others. It is our desire as a church that through our Midweek Experience, you can move toward a deeper relationship with Christ, becoming who God has created you to be. As you scroll through our workshops, support and recovery programs, remember one thing…we are both humbled and excited to come alongside you as you engage in our Midweek Experience!


Upcoming Classes & Workshops


WHAT’S THE WORD: Reading the Bible Better
Teaching by Dr. Robert Wallace, Professor of Biblical Studies, Judson University
After worship on Wednesdays: February 3, February 10, February 17
Watch the screens for venue.
Christians believe in the Bible’s inspiration and importance, but few know the remarkable journey that brought the Bible to our hands. This series provides a glimpse into that story and its significance for readers of the Bible today.
February 3 - The Journey to English: Where did the Bible come from?
February 10 - The Power of Pentecost: Why so many translations?
February 17 - What’s Going on Here: Why was the Bible Written?

7 p.m., Wednesdays - Beginning February 10
Children and students (kindergarten–grade 12) find encouragement, support, and skills for navigating the death of a loved one in this safe environment with others their age who have experienced a similar loss. Empathetic leaders help them process their grief through games, art, journaling, and storytelling as they experience God’s love and move toward healing. Register: willowcreek.org/youthgrief

After Worship: February 17
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Don’t settle for an ordinary marriage! Through teaching and couples’ group discussions, discover God’s big dream for all that He wants to do in and through your marriage. This one-night class helps you create next steps so that your marriage can thrive.

LEGACY GRANDPARENTING: Influencing, Blessing, and Nurturing Future Generations
Steve & Valerie Bell, authors of Faith-Shaped Kids, Made to Be Loved, and grandparents to five children
After worship: Wednesdays: March 9, 16, 30
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While parents play the primary formative role in the lives of children, grandparents can have a significant influence in their grandchildren’s’ lives. Learn how you can have a lasting impact on your grandchildren and leave a legacy for generations to come.

DIVERSITY TRAINING: Making MLK’s Dream a Reality
After worship Wednesday, January 20
Venue: Atrium
How do we make Martin Luther King’s dream a reality? Join us for a conversation focusing on racial reconciliation,


Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Workshop Highlight

Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, author, teacher, and theologian focuses on what the Bible says about the advantages and challenges of being single within the Christian community.

Audio Messages

Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Midweek Experience Team and use your gifts and passions to help kids, students, and adults take a next step in their spiritual journey. Sign up

Kids & Students

Kids (Infant to age 5)

Your kids will experience great childcare in a safe and fun environment provided by dedicated volunteers. No registration is necessary, however, you must check in your child every Wednesday. Look for the check-in location on the lower level of the Main Lobby near Promiseland Central.

Kids (Kindergarten through Grade 5)

Your Kindergarten through Grade 5 kids build relationships with their friends and leaders, and are empowered to value and understand God's Word, the Bible, through deeper Scripture engagement and Scripture memory, through a modified Awana curriculum. Registration is highly recommended. Learn more