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ringing God our joys as well as our needs

Prayer, the spiritual practice of conversing with God, involves both speaking to God and listening for His response. Willow Creek's prayer ministry supports both these vital aspects of prayer.

A place to pray

Willow's Prayer Room, located between the Main Lobby and the Atrium in Room D252, is a quiet, comfortable space purposefully set aside for people to engage in spiritual practices—prayer, journaling, Bible study, meditation, and self-examination. The Prayer Room is available to all, and is open around service times each weekend as well as throughout the week whenever the church building is open.

Weekend prayer experience

After each weekend service, trained members of Willow's prayer team are ready to listen and pray with anyone who has need. Experience the comfort and peace available through prayer by heading to the Prayer Room after the service, where someone can pray with you about your need, concern, or circumstance.

How do I submit a request for prayer?

Willow has a team of people committed to praying during the week for the needs of anyone who asks. Simply enter your prayer request in the form below, and your request will be enfolded into their list. Be assured that this team will join you in bringing your request before God.

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Response Pastors
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