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Conflict Resolution

Using biblical principles to reconcile relationships

The Conciliation Ministry is a team of people trained to help others resolve conflict and restore broken relationships related to family, business, employment, property, and finance. Trained conciliators use biblical principles to help people in conflict become reconciled with one another and find mutually satisfying resolutions to their disputes.

By dealing with root issues behind conflict—the matters of the heart—conciliators use the following skills to help others achieve lasting conflict resolution:

  • Listening to gain understanding of both the substantive concerns and personal issues involved in the conflict.
  • Applying biblical principles to help resolve conflict.
  • Identifying personal responses to the conflict that honor God and others.
  • Encouraging all involved to take steps toward forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration of the relationship.

How can I get help in resolving a conflict?

Willow's conciliation team helps people resolve their conflicts through the following means:

  • Conflict Coaching: Conciliators assist other Christ followers in working out their differences by using a biblical response to conflict that begins with concepts presented in Matthew 18 and leads to conflict resolution that is honoring to God.
  • Mediation: Conciliators can serve as an objective third party to help people engage in God-honoring dialogue to resolve their differences. Conciliators facilitate, listen, help foster appropriate communications, probe for core issues, and incorporate prayer and Scripture into the conciliation process.
  • Arbitration: Conciliators are available to assist with certain situations in which people agree to be bound by a decision made on their behalf.

To get in touch with a Response Pastor who will listen to your request and if needed, connect you to a conciliator, please call (847) 765-5000.

Looking to build better relationships?

If you find yourself regularly struggling with those you love most, invest some time strengthening your relationships with others, God, and yourself in Willow's workshop, "RELATE: Build Better Relationships."


For conflicts specific to your marriage, consider these two options:

  • Speak with a Response Pastor. Trained Response Pastors will listen to your story, pray with you, and help you assess next steps to resolve your marital conflict. Call (847) 765-5000, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday, and ask to speak with a Response Pastor.
  • Contact Willow’s Marriage ministry for a list of classes and workshops related to strengthening and restoring your marriage.


Response Pastors
(847) 765-5000