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or more than three decades, those who call Willow Creek their home church have challenged one another to live out the values and ministry evidenced by the very first church of Christ followers, as seen in the New Testament book of Acts, chapter 2. When we surrender our lives to Christ, He brings us into God’s family, and when we band together as a local church, we can live out our commitment to Christ as active participants in His mission through this local community of believers.

Willow Creek: An All-In Community

When you become a participating member at Willow, you are joining Willow Creek Community Church, regardless of which campus you attend. The membership process and commitments are the same for all campuses.

We share a common vision

We believe all people matter to God and that Christ’s message and ministry through the local church is the hope of the world. Together, as one family of Christ followers, we are fully committed to living out this vision in our families, neighborhoods, city, and world.

We share a common community

We were created for deep, authentic relationships with God and other people—and we share a unique community with other believers as members of the body of Christ. We are also called to serve this world for God’s purposes—a mission that Christ invites all of us to join, as part of His church.

We share a common commitment

We believe spiritual growth is a lifelong process. Membership at Willow Creek Community Church means affirming five commitments that express our devotion to Christ and to one another. These commitments, described in the All-In Membership materials, keep us all pointed in a common, biblical direction as we follow Jesus as members of this local church.


Member Services
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Current Membership Classes

    If you would like to participate in upcoming membership classes, plan on attending Getting Started 101—a class designed for people looking to learn more about Willow Creek and how to get involved at the church. Learn more

Latest Members Meeting

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Members Meeting
November 22/23, 2013
Senior Pastor Bill Hybels and Executive Pastor Heather Larson provide Willow members with updates around the church.