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Section Communities

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S ection communities help make our big church feel small. These groups of people connect with each other weekly by sitting in the same section of the Main Auditorium during a weekend worship service.

In addition to meeting weekly for the service, section communities also have a monthly gathering where they share a meal together and connect more deeply.

  • How do I get connected in a section community?

    You can get connected with the section community where you currently sit. If you don't have a regular seating area, or you're interested in checking out a new section, here are three simple steps you can take:

    1. Find a section where you would like to connect. (All sections are listed at the bottom of this page.)
    2. Introduce yourself to the section leader. You can spot him or her standing at the back of the section after the service, wearing a black lanyard. The section leader can introduce you to others and send you email updates on activities in their community.
    3. Attend section gatherings to get connected and involved in the community

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  • Who is the section leader?

    The section leader is the part-time staff member who oversees a section community with the help of his/her team of leaders. After the service, the section leader often stands near the table at the back of their section following the worship service. For a listing of all section leaders, see below.
  • How do small groups relate to section communities?

    Many small groups sit together each week and are part of the same section community. If you would like to connect to a small group, the best way is through meeting others in a section community. The section leader serves as the staff contact to provide support for the small group leaders and can let you know how to connect with others in small groups.



Sections Staff
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