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Joy in married life comes when we embrace the journey. It’s full of diverse seasons and no matter which one you’re in, we want to meet you there and help you continue on your way. That’s why each section of this website is updated regularly with new resources and classes.

Before Marriage

What an exciting time--full of dreams and hopes for your life together! Discover what God had in mind when he created marriage and learn how he made you and your future spouse differently--but with each other in mind! Then you can begin crafting a vision for all your marriage can be.

Newly Married

We want to help you set the foundation of your marriage on Christ. This could be the first five years of your marriage, or later on if you and your spouse come to Christ during your marriage. Wherever you are, God is eager to begin setting this foundation, and we are here to help.

The Busy Years of Marriage

Even with a firm foundation in Christ, life events (having children, infertility, taking care of aging parents, releasing a child to college, vocational issues, chronic illness, etc.) can challenge your marriage. We want to help you foster your relationship with God—and each other—so your marriage stands strong in the midst of these busy years.

The Legacy Years of Marriage

This is the time of life when your journey with God and each other can reach a new level of joy and fulfillment. We want to help you discover how God’s dream for your marriage can leave a legacy that advances His Kingdom.

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