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Marital Distress

Helping those whose marriages feel hopelessly broken

Marriage can be the most challenging of all human relationships. Willow offers workshops to help couples and individuals whose marriages are broken. For current workshop information, see 'Workshops' to the right.

Need hope that your marriage can be restored?

Marital Restoration: This workshop is designed for couples whose marriage is broken or in significant distress due to long-term emotional disconnect, infidelity, abuse, and/or broken trust. If you dare to believe God can redeem your pain and transform your marriage, this workshop is for you. Registration is required.

Need someone to talk to?

Response Pastors: Speak with a Response Pastor about your marriage situation or request marriage counseling referrals in your area by calling (847) 765-5000 during business hours, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Simply ask the receptionist to speak with a Response Pastor.


Current Workshops