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Joy in married life comes when we embrace the journey. It’s full of diverse seasons and no matter which one you’re in, we want to meet you there and help you continue on your way.

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Willow Chicago is dedicated to reflecting God’s grace and truth by encouraging Christ-centered relationships and marriages, and by embracing those who are relationally broken.

Pastoral Care at Willow Chicago:


Recurring Classes


Rules of Engagement helps you understand the importance of attraction, the 3 C's—Chemistry, Communication, and Character—and determine whether you should end or move forward with a relationship.

Sex and Intimacy:

Why do sex and intimacy go together? How often is my desire for sex and intimacy making me search for it in the wrong places? This class will look at God's desire for intimacy in your life, and how sexual intimacy is an expression of commitment, oneness, and direction.

Fundamentals of Dating Relationships:

Is the foundational workshop for taking relationships to the next step by teaching couples relationship tools that will enable them to go the distance in their marriage, flourish in that relationship, and their relationship with God.

Preparing for a Successful Marriage:

Is designed for couples who are engaged or in their first year of marriage, using the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment. This replaced the "pre-marriage mentoring" program at Willow Chicago.

Foundations for Marriage:

Identifies the essential components of a healthy and enduring marriage, a brief history of marriage, the challenged of marriage in our modern culture, and common issues that cause marital conflict. Learn practical tips to resolve conflict, foster deeper intimacy, and explore the strengths and areas of growth needed in your marriage.

Staying Connected in Marriage:

The beliefs and protective mechanisms we developed as children may have helped us adapt, but they may be hurting us emotionally in marriage. Whether known or unknown, we all bring “stuff ” from our families of origin into our marriage as we work to build safety and intimacy. This workshop explores how to work through the issues that can block growth and intimacy in your marriage.

Marriage Matters:

includes weekly assignments and group discussion that will equip you with powerful, effective tools to build and sustain a Godly marriage, and will clarify and reinforce topics including forgiveness, intimacy, family of origin, covenant, and love languages.

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Ministry Center
Chicago, IL 60605
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    March 18 @ 9:00 AM

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