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February 21, 2017

What's Your Love Everyone, Always Story?

Last fall, Willow Creek launched the Love Everyone, Always campaign to encourage love, respect, servant-heartedness, and inclusivity among all people and make a positive impact on our communities. "When the new year rolled around, we felt like God wasn't quite done spreading this message," says Teaching Pastor Steve Carter. "Two weeks ago we kicked off our second installment of the series—and the stories that are coming in are awe-inspiring." Join us this weekend as Senior Pastor Bill Hybels continues the series with the message "Share Christ with Everyone, Always." Here's what some are saying about Love Everyone, Always:

  • Every morning I pass by [Love Everyone, Always] signs on my way to work and they give me this positive feeling I can't describe in words. I am an American and practice Islam...In times like these, your message gives me hope. Your message not only is very kind but is teaching us to love and bring the communities together. —Aisha
  • My daughter's teachers began asking us for Love Everyone, Always signs. They have never been to Willow but were so moved by the message, they wanted to put a sign up in their yard! —Dan
  • I shared this message with my fellow teachers and it grew our patience and compassion for each of our students. Some teachers even read the Bible to their students as a challenge to see the best in each other! —Sam
  • My day-to-day interactions with others have been transformed. My heart is softer, my eyes are open, and I am seeking to respect, love, and understand others as Christ would. I am so grateful for the ways God is using this message. —Kathy


Let's flood our world with stories of love, respect, and blessings! Share your Love Everyone, Always story here, and it could be featured on Willow's social media. You can catch up on past messages on Willow Creek TV.


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