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January 17, 2017

Make Money Behave

Senior Pastor Bill Hybels launches a brand-new series this weekend called Making Money Behave. "Scripture is crystal clear that money can be a blessing or a curse," explains Bill. "Jesus said we cannot love both God and money. Money can be used to advance kingdom purposes and invest in future generations, or it can cause greed and an endless desire for control."

Bill will take a practical look at how to handle money, whether you have a lot or a little. "If you don't make money behave, it misbehaves, it dissipates, it goes in the craziest of places," Bill says. "Having a high view of God reorders your priorities. When you know Him alone as your provider and supplier, and you see your money as a gift from Him, you can joyfully and thankfully honor God when He blesses you."

Join us in kicking off Making Money Behave on January 21/22, as we explore how to steward the gifts God has given us.


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