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Camp Paradise

The magnetic draw of a crackling campfire, the gentle lap of a river on a sandy shore, the sounds of crickets, birds, and rustling leaves in towering trees—all these and more create a setting where life slows down, relationships grow deeper, and God's quiet whispers can be heard.

This is Camp Paradise. Located 20 miles north of Newberry, on the eastern side of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Willow Creek's rustic campground sits on the banks of the gentle Tahquamenon River and is only accessible by boat. Camp Paradise has no running water or electricity, and offers wood-burning water heaters, bucket showers, and bright, star-filled skies.

The camp began in 1976, when donors—moved by what God can do in young peoples' lives through a Christian camp experience—donated a cabin with 1,000 acres of land to WIllow Creek. Thousands of volunteers have since made the 450-mile trek from Willow to camp each spring, constructing and improving the original facility to what it is today: Chapel, twelve cabins, main dining hall, pavilion, longhouse and two high-adventure courses.

Each year, these peaceful and remote grounds house the spring construction/maintenance camps, summertime Dad/Daughter and Dad/Son camps, and a Camp Paradise men's reunion.

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Camp Schedule


Tim VandenBos
(224) 512-1940
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Brett Riggs
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Room to Grow Campaign

Donate a brick and help Camp Paradise build for the future.

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Upcoming Camp Events

    Boy's Night Out: January 31, 2016


    Father Daughter Date Night 2016: February 19, 20, 26, 27



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