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Willow Creek Association


2013 new wca logo

Founded in 1991, the Willow Creek Association (WCA) is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help local churches thrive. The WCA stirs up and calls out the core leadership of churches around the world, encouraging them to follow their "holy discontent" as they build life-changing communities of faith. The WCA serves pioneering pastors and leaders around the world by curating inspirational leadership, intentional skill development, and experiences. Each year, the WCA serves more than 18,000 churches in 90 countries with vision, training, and resources.

The Global Leadership Summit

Each August, the WCA hosts The Global Leadership Summit (GLS), a leadership event that brings together the best and latest in leadership experience, wisdom, and training. Strategically designed for leaders, the GLS offers something for everyone who seeks to sharpen themselves and lead their life well—from the Fortune 500 CEO to the stay-at-home parent.

The Summit event is telecast LIVE from Willow's campus every August. Beginning in late September, and throughout the fall the Summit is experienced in more than 300 cities in 90 countries, and translated into 42 languages.

Who Can We Learn From?

The GLS assembles a world-class Summit faculty, tapping into high-caliber leaders from both the Christian community and the secular marketplace. By design, the Summit faculty is hand-picked to include speakers whose diversity extends beyond mere occupation, gender, age, and race. These are leaders whose worldviews, political bent, and religious perspectives may differ greatly from your own. Yet each has experience and wisdom born in the trenches of leadership—experience God can use to move us beyond our comfort zones and sharpen us just where we need it most. Past faculty members include former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bono, Colin Powell, Rick Warren, Wayne Cordeiro, Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, Condoleezza Rice, Craig Groeschel, Cory Booker, Andy Stanley, Blake Mycoskie, Jack Welch, and Henry Cloud.

For more information about the WCA and The Global Leadership Summit, visit willowcreek.com.