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roviding reliable transportation to those in need

Over the last 20+ years, the C.A.R.S. (Christian Auto Repairmen Serving) Ministry™ of Willow Creek Community Church has provided reliable transportation to thousands of qualified single moms in our community. Each week, a team of 90–100 volunteers performs maintenance and repair work on vehicles that have been donated by people in the community. These vehicles are either repaired for donation to a single parent or are sold for parts to repair other vehicles. By utilizing donations and volunteer labor, C.A.R.S. keeps its operating expenses to a minimum, enabling the ministry to provide reliable vehicles and auto repairs free-of-charge, helping single parents and their families gain independence and opportunity.

Donate Any Vehicle: Junk, Clunkers, or Working Cars

We Pick Up Any Vehicle Free of Charge

Donating an unneeded car, motorcylce, RV, or boat is a wonderful way to serve those who lack the resources to provide for their own transportation needs. If you can forgo the trade-in value on your used vehicle, consider offering it to the C.A.R.S. Ministry. Or, if you have a junk or clunker vehicle, C.A.R.S. will pick it up at no cost to you. C.A.R.S. staff and volunteers make any needed repairs and then clean the vehicle before handing the keys to its new owner—a qualified single parent. Junk and clunkers are sold, the proceeds are used to repair working vehicles. Donors also receive a tax deduction receipt for the full-market value of the vehicle. See donation guidelines and forms, at right.


Volunteer on the C.A.R.S. team

C.A.R.S welcomes anyone who has an aptitude or energy for helping in a variety of automotive areas, including vehicle repairs. In addition to working on cars, volunteers build relationships with one another and with the grateful recipient of a new-to-them, used vehicle. C.A.R.S. volunteers have a wide variety of mechanical experience. If you have experience with a wrench, C.A.R.S. would be blessed by your attention in doing light repairs on donated vehicles. If your skills lean a little more toward general serving, then grabbing a bucket of soap and a sponge to clean up a car is a wonderful gift to someone who is picking up their "new" car for the first time. See volunteer contact, at right.


67 E. Algonquin Road Building G
South Barrington, IL 60010
(847) 765-7200
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